Wholesale Training Program

The Wholesale Training Program is specifically tailored to suit the needs of our wholesale customers.
Our strategic program takes the barista through a wide range of coffee knowledge. Introduction to specialty coffee and basic sensory training, to the influence and importance of water in coffee extraction and mastering the most complicated pour designs.

The Crybaby

For those new to coffee – an introduction to coffee, The Roasting Party way.

The 8th Grade Kid

Barista Team Member – includes basic skills and knowledge required to work with specialty coffee.

Rich Uncle

Senior Barista – includes advanced sensory, dialling in, dose and grind, advanced milk and basic maintenance.

The Professor

Head Barista / Cafe Manager – includes strength v extraction, all things water, advanced tastes, filter coffee brewing, milk science.

The Gunslinger & Sheriff

Introduction to advanced latte art – pouring and precision. Mastering the most advanced pours, speed of pouring and milk science.

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