SCA Coffee Skills Course


We’re an approved provider for globally recognised Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) courses, designed for coffee professionals looking to upskill at all levels.

You can book as a self-funded enthusiast with a career in coffee in mind, or as a barista sponsored by your employer.
We offer three modules:

Introduction to Coffee

Discover the journey of coffee from growing the cherries through to grading, roasting and brewing, and understanding the coffee value chain.


Barista Skills

Gain the practical skills needed behind the espresso bar. Learn how to set your grinder, milk techniques and latte art, plus health and safety, customer service and essential
business practices.



Understand the variety of methods for brewing coffee and the variables that affect quality. Get hands-on with grind profiles, brewing methods, measuring coffee strength and charting a
coffee’s extraction.

All modules are available at a level suited to your previous experience:


No experience needed. An introduction to the speciality coffee discipline.

Duration – approx. 1 day


For those already armed with industry experience, and a firm knowledge of the basic skills.

Duration – approx. 2 days


For those who wish to pursue a higher level of knowledge, and already hold the Intermediate level qualification. Those who successfully achieve this grade are highly regarded amongst speciality coffee employers.

Duration – approx. 3 days

Courses are taught at our Roastery in Hampshire, or at Party at the Pavilion just off London’s Sloane Square.

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