Ristretto or Double Ristretto

15 – 20 ml or 30 – 40ml extraction
12 – 16 seconds

Espresso or Double Espresso

30 – 60 ml extraction
28 – 32 seconds


Double Ristretto with a dash of microfoam


Double Ristretto with textured milk to the top of a 90ml glass (no more than 1cm microfoam)


Espresso in a 190 – 220ml glass, textured milk (no more than 1.5cm of microfoam)

Flat White

Espresso in a190 – 220ml cup topped with textured milk (no more than 1cm of microfoam)


Espresso in a cup, chocolate powder on top of shot, textured milk (no more than 1 – 2cm of microfoam)

Long Black

Cup filled with 3/4 hot water – pulled from the group head. Rest a Double Ristretto on top.

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