The Roasting Party’s Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway

We’re not called The Roasting Party for nothing. Parties, shindigs, social gatherings, festivities, whatever you want to call them, we’re in. Throw Christmas into the mix and our excitement levels are akin only to Buddy the Elf on Christmas Eve.

But what’s a party if you can’t share it with friends? That’s why this year we’re throwing our Christmas party in the form of a festive giveaway, and (spoiler alert) you’re all invited.

Join us on Instagram (@theroastingparty) throughout December to win one of twelve coffee infused prizes.

The roastery elves have told us to expect The Roasting Party merch, brewing equipment from the likes of Hario, Loveramics and Chemex, one very special grand prize, and coffee. Lots of coffee.

Good luck, and merry Christmas!

The Roasting Party