Sheer Pink – Coffee Spotlight

We’re back with another instalment of our Coffee Spotlight blog series where, just in case you didn’t know the drill by now, each month we lift the lid on a different coffee business and find out how The Roasting Party coffee works for them.

This month we sat down with Emma Wilkinson from Sheer Pink, an independent speciality coffee shop based in Newport on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

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What’s the concept?

Sheer Pink brings speciality coffee, brewing tips and innovative ideas to the Isle of Wight.


Who’s involved? 

Sheer Pink is owned and run by me. It’s a small and friendly space which naturally encourages conversation, but it’s also a great quick take-away coffee stop.


Where did it all start, and where are you heading?

Sheer Pink began as an art/music project in 2017 with the hope to expand into something physical and collaborative. Sheer Pink aims to stay multi-faceted and provide an inspiring experience for its costumers.


How did you find out about The Roasting Party coffee?

I first discovered The Roasting Party in 2018 when I started working at Farm Girl, London. I was instantly inspired by The Roasting Party’s unique style and popular espresso blends. This experience cemented my passion for speciality coffee so it’s now amazing to re-connect with The Roasting Party years later for this ‘full-circle’ collaboration.

How long have you been serving it?

We’ve been serving The Roasting Party coffee since Sheer Pink opened in June 2021.


Do you have any tips or trade secrets on how to make the perfect cup?

Trust your own taste buds! Continually taste and critique the coffee you are making. This will help you notice which variable, if any, needs to be tweaked.


What do your customers say about your coffee?

Local costumers are excited to have a speciality coffee focused café on the island. They’ve loved the house espresso blend Drake, and enjoyed having the option to order a pour over and take home a bag of beans which have been roasted just the day before!

Here’s a few snippets from our Google Reviews:

“I only drink black coffee so am thrilled to be able to visit somewhere with choices.” – Lewis W.


“Properly balanced specialty coffee on a consistent daily basis” – Yas


“We’re really fussy about our coffee & this is seriously good coffee.” – Brigette

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And finally, what’s your personal go-to coffee order, do you have a favourite blend or single origin?


A filter coffee or an oat flat white! I really love coffee with bright acidity and recently The Roasting Party’s Colombian La Esperanza Tabi blew me away – very delicious! 

Sheer Pink
24B Holyrood St, Newport PO30 5AZ

7:30am-3pm Monday-Friday
9:30am-3pm Saturday