We have very strong values and ideology of how we want our coffee to be delivered to customers. This is achieved through our grading system and the apprenticeship program.

Our Program

'The Faculty'

The Roasting Party Faculty is an organisation to generate a cult of new baristas. The Faculty apprentices will set a benchmark of excellence in barista skills, lead from the front and showcase a level of service The Roasting Party thrive off.

They will be working for in-house and wholesale customers.

TRP Grading System

The Roasting Party Grading System is developed with the mind-set of benefitting TRP’s wholesale customer base. It’s broken down into four grades from the barista’s introduction to coffee to advanced level barista skills.


Production is the heartbeat of TRP. We promote a strong relationship with our traders and combine their knowledge to strategically select high quality green coffee that goes hand in hand with our unique style. To help achieve the best results, we hand roast in small batches, post blend, hand pack, then rest for 5 to 7 days before being hand delivered to our customers.