Kenya Ruiru Mills Estate

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A very special, naturally sundried coffee.

Greengage plum, milk chocolate and orange



Ruiru Mills estate has a legacy of many generations of coffee production, supported by unparalleled local knowledge and experience.

This coffee is naturally processed on raised African beds. Natural processing is a rarity in Kenya, which has built a fine reputation on the back of exceptional fully washed coffees.

Ripe cherries are selectively harvested and floated to select only the ripest, highest quality cherries for processing. These cherries are placed in a single layer on raised drying beds and dried in the sun for up to 6 weeks. The cherries are manually turned periodically every day to ensure an even drying and prevent mould formation. Once the coffee has reached its optimum content it is rested before being hulled, graded further handpicked and finally bagged for export

Greengage plum, creamy milk chocolate, orange.

Country: Kenya
Region: Kiambu
Variety: Blue Mountain
Process: Special sun dried
Altitude: 1950 MASL


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250 g, 1 kg

roast profile

Espresso, Filter


Whole Bean, Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso Machine, Stovetop, V60

home machine

Not Applicable, La Marzocco Mini, Breville, Cuisinart, De'Longhi, Jura, Sage, Siemens

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