Party People – Katy Birmingham Illustrator

We’re constantly asked about the graphics that grace our now iconic coffee labels, and who the designer is behind the artwork. The answer? It’s one we’re always proud to give.

Katy Birmingham is a self-taught multi-media artist currently based in Switzerland, but some of our Alresford regulars may remember her badass barista skills from when she worked with us at Party at The Mill.

Anyone who knows us will know how keen we are to ensure our staff thrive creatively in whichever outlet they choose, whether it’s their day job or side hustle. When we discovered Katy’s kitsch but cool illustration style, we knew we’d found something special.

What’s your illustration style?

For me, creating and drawing is not only a great way to connect and serve people, but also the way I express what goes on inside my mind. My work ranges from lighter hearted cartoons and illustrations (my favourite way to express humour) to more expressive, in-depth fine art portraits. I’d say 75% of my work leans towards humour – if I can provoke a smile it’s always a bonus.


How did you become involved with The Roasting Party?

I first came across The Roasting Party in Biarritz, France. I was working in a speciality coffee and surf shop when Nick and Ivan from the roastery came in. I immediately recognised Nick’s Hampshire accent and we got talking – it’s a small world! From that moment on we stayed in contact, and once I moved back to the UK I was asked if I’d like to join the team.


What was your brief for the designs?

When Kirby and I first discussed the label designs we were keen to incorporate ‘propaganda’ style into them. Think brave colours, contrast, minimalist profiles and big fonts. The main objective was to make sure they didn’t look like any other generic coffee labels, but instead were something bold that really catches the eye.



You’ve recently moved to Switzerland, what’s in store for you there?

I have just finished branding and designing the logo, illustrations and marketing material for the start-up coffee house and restaurant I’m working at in Zug, Switzerland. Revive is a restaurant that specialises in bowls and burgers, and the best part is I have my own speciality coffee corner.

On the side, I still have a few clients in Biarritz and back in England. Ultimately the dream is to have coffee on the side but illustration and design as my main hustle. For the meantime I’ll be here in Switzerland but who knows where next, I’m very open and flexible to see what doors open.


And last, but by no means least, what’s your go-to Roasting Party coffee order?

My go-to order has to be the classic Captain blend flat white, made by Kirby of course. Nothing better than a full bodied, silky smooth flat white with a masterpiece poured on top.


You can catch more of Katy’s incredible work over on her Instagram.