Coffee Spotlight – Farm Girl

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Blog, Coffee Spotlight

Up next in our Coffee Spotlight series is Farm Girl, an Australian-owned business with the simple aim of serving London’s best healthy food and coffee all under one (rather stylish) roof.

Described as a ‘West London phenomenon’ by The Times, Farm Girl is a chain of five cafes and restaurants (alongside a thriving catering business) with national ambitions.

We spoke to Rose Hood, Creative Director and the ‘farm girl’ behind the name.

Farm Girl 1
Farm Girl 5

What’s the concept? 

Farm Girl is a diverse group of health-focused cafes and restaurants in London. We serve holistic, fresh food and damn good coffee, Australian style. Our interiors are cool, our service is spot on, and the food is so good looking, it’s been photographed more than Kate Moss.

Where did it all start, and where are you heading?

The idea for Farm Girl was born soon after I stepped off the plane from Aus to relocate to West London in June 2015. Confronted with a very disappointing choice of healthy food options and great coffee, I set out to create what would soon become one of London’s best brunch cafes.

Next stop for us is to look at locations outside London – watch this space!

Why do you choose to serve The Roasting Party coffee?

You guys are our favourite supplier! Not only do you provide the best coffee in the UK, but you’re a total joy to be around. We always look forward to seeing you on your weekly delivery run. The very best in all aspects!

Farm Girl 1
Farm Girl 5

How did you find out about us? 

The Roasting Party coffee was recommended by a fellow antipodean back when we were building our first cafe in Notting Hill. We’ve been serving it for nearly 7 years now


Do you have any tips or trade secrets on how to make the perfect cup?

A lot of training and great beans! All our baristas are trained off site through The Roasting Party training programme, with ongoing support through their hands-on weekly account management visits.


What do your customers say about your coffee?

They LOVE it! We’re told it’s some of the best in London. We’ve also a developed our own unique drink here at Farm Girl. Coupling Roasting Party coffee with rose water, a holistic ingredient that brings a multitude of health benefits, the Rose Latte is a supercharged anti-oxidising, mood enhancing, anti-bloating and skin rejuvenating alternative to bullet coffee, and a staple across all our Farm Girl cafes.


What’s your coffee order?

I’m a lightweight! My order is a single shot, almond milk latte with The Party blend.