Clayton Burke Chooses His Party Playlist

Anyone who’s visited our coffee shops or dropped in to see us at the roastery will know we’re fond of a playlist. Because what’s a party without great music?

But this year, we’ve decided to share some of the music we’re roasting, pouring and partying to with our incredible coffee community (spoiler alert – that’s you guys). Each month we’re asking our favourite Party People to compile a playlist that defines them. We’re talking anthems to accompany a slow Sunday morning, a Friday night out-out, or an impromptu road trip – anything goes.

This month our chef and resident artist at Party at The Mill Clayton Burke @claytonburke10 has given us his ultimate party playlist.


‘I’ve got a real soft spot for garage. I love how the sound changed when it left America and made its way to the UK in the mid 90s. I liked the idea of a chronological playlist to show the development of the music. There were some duds made in this ten-year period, but they absolutely don’t appear here! The playlist will definitely get your party started.

My ultimate party is a tiny, packed basement club, a red light, low ceiling, sweat dripping off the walls, bass rattling ribs, my favourite DJ @benjib playing all night, and being surrounded by friends. Then leaving after the sun comes up to get salt beef bagels.’ 

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