“Can I have my coffee extra hot please?”

As a barista you strive to provide the customer with the best tasting coffee. So what do you do when the customer asks for their coffee extra hot?

We spent this week’s development trying to determine the best way to keep the flavour and mouthfeel of our coffee but serve it extra hot. We attempted several methods, all preceded with heating the cup with boiling water.

The first attempt we steamed the milk as normal but for a longer period. This was the best way to make the milk extremely hot, but we found all the sugar proteins burned resulting in a loss of sweetness.

Secondly, we made a regular flat white but left space in the cup to add hot water on top. This produced the best results for keeping the pattern, but the coffee became diluted and lost flavour.

Finally we tried stretching the milk for a brief second before controlling it to make it as hot as possible. This proved to be the best method for making the coffee hotter, whilst still maintaining milk sweetness and the coffee flavour and mouthfeel.

We decided that even though the final method proved the best way to make the coffee extra hot, there really is no way to keep the same sweetness or flavour you would expect from a coffee made at 60 degrees (as standard). Therefore for the best taste we recommend straying away from the extra hot coffee.

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3 replies on ““Can I have my coffee extra hot please?”

  • Coffee Diff

    You really went to extra lengths trying all the options 🙂 Do customers want extra hot to drink now, or they want the coffee to be still hot enough in 5 min time? There’s only so much temperature our skin can take…

  • joanne

    Many thanks for your comments. There are so many variables that have to be considered when aiming to provide the perfect drink, but at the end of the day our intention is to satisfy what the customer wants and not necessarily what we think is the ideal.

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